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Production Base

Production Base in Shandong:
Shandong factory covers an area of nearly 10.5 Hectares, with a plant area of nearly 100,000 square meters. It has the production capacity of fermentation, extraction and chemical synthesis. All production processes are inspected by the quality inspection department with the latest analytical instruments and strict quality management procedures to ensure consistent quality for customers. In 2017, the factory obtained GMP and CEP certificates of three anti-cancer products.
Factory in Shangdong mainly produces drugs including anti-tumor, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular, antibacterial, immune system and others.

Production Base in Jiangxi:
Factory in Jiangxi covers an area of more than 40,000 square meters including 7 production workshops with complete supporting functions. Mainly specializes in chlorosulfonation, cyanide, hydrogenation, diazo, hoffman degradation and other reactions. In early 2019, its anti-aids products successfully passed the FDA's official on-site audit.
Factory in Jiangxi mainly produces antiviral drugs (anti - hepatitis b, anti - AIDS) intermediate.

Production Base in Hebei:
The factory in Hebei has obtained ISO 9001:2008 , ISO14000 and OHSAS18000, which has the safety production license and three waste emission license. It provides a platform for chemical engineering, biological engineering, environmental protection, medical research and development,Meanwhile it also provides a platform for small scale test - pilot - industrialization transformation.

Overview of pilot plant and production workshop:
•1 pilot workshop, 5 production workshops with more than 100 glass lining, carbon steel and stainless steel reactors and enzyme catalytic conversion reaction devices (pilot workshop 50l-500l, production workshop 1000l-6300l). With 11 flexible production lines, It can meet the production requirements of multiple varieties.
• General synthesis unit and chemical engineering unit with complete facilities (drip, extraction, distillation, filtration, drying and finishing baking unit).
• High and low temperature reactions from -40℃ to 250℃ can be completed.
• Assisted by: small hydrogenation plant, metering, distillation, vacuum plant, mass distillation plant, vacuum drying system, hot oil, steam, filtration and centrifugal plant, water purification system, DCS control system, exhaust emission monitoring room, nitrogen production unit and refrigeration unit.

Utility profile:
• Solid raw materials, liquid raw materials, liquid tank area, normal temperature finished products, low temperature finished products.
• Double circuit power supply, high and low voltage distribution room, supporting self-provided generator set.
• Refrigerating unit, stable supply of -15℃ and -40℃ frozen brine.
• Automatic feed water device, supporting production purification water system, circulating water pump, fire pump and pool.
• Boiler feed water system for efficient heat exchange of steam and hot water.
• Water injection vacuum unit, roots - water injection vacuum unit, can achieve high vacuum operating system.
• Completely oil-free air compressor is the power source of compressed air, high purity nitrogen production device, fully guarantee the protection of the whole process of production.
• Biological, physical and chemical sewage treatment system. After treatment, the wastewater is discharged into the municipal pipe network of the park. A number of tail gas falling film absorption device to ensure the standard discharge.
Factory in Hebei mainly produces pharmaceutical intermediates/chiral compounds, chiral synthesis, chemical/enzyme catalysis, etc.

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